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What is a cryptocurrency faucet?

  The word "Faucet" is used as an analogy, comparing small rewards to drops of water dripping from a faucet, these drops may seem little, but with patience, it certainly fills a cup, a bucket, or many, many of them. So, quite objectively, a cryptocurrency faucet can be a website that distributes small amounts of cryptocurrencies for free, it is a reward for completing very simple tasks. The sum of these rewards over the days can become a very significant value, so have patience and persistence. FOR THE WIN!

But what exactly are these simple tasks?

  To earn cryptocurrencies for free, you need to complete these simple tasks mentioned earlier, these tasks are usually: View an ad, watch some product videos, answer a question, fill in a captcha or click on a link. ⚠ But be very careful with this last option! Check the reliability of the link before clicking on it. After completing the proposed task, you should receive your promised reward. Pay attention when choosing one or several faucets, as many of them do not pay as promised, read this last article to learn more about this subject.

The Multi Coins is the best faucet

  Using a faucet is an excellent way to accumulate small amounts of cryptocurrency until you reach a considerable amount. Imagine getting the excellent news that your cryptocurrencies earned for free in a faucet had a huge appreciation? Would be great! The Multi Coins website is an excellent faucet option to be your favorite faucet, because in addition to being constantly updated, we pay directly to your FaucetPay wallet, a few seconds after you claim your reward here on the Multi Coins, it will already be in your wallet, this eliminates the chances of you being a victim of any scam.

Are all faucets safe?

  In general, faucets pay you a reward for completing a certain task, however, some of them do not pay directly to your external wallet, (such as FaucetPay for example), they have a system where they accumulate rewards in your internal account in the faucet itself and when you go to withdraw your rewards the unpleasant surprises start to appear. This doesn't necessarily mean that you won't be able to withdraw your rewards, but you will have to complete several other steps for the rewards to be released and one of the problems is that you don't know all the steps right at the beginning, clearly. I'll give you a practical examples so you don't have any doubts and can identify whenever you come across these situations. It works like this:

  1. You register in a given faucet, complete several different tasks and each task reward is accumulated in your account in the faucet itself. Ok, so far everything is perfect, the rewards on your account are growing, but keep reading...

  2. Finally you reach the minimum withdrawal amount. This is the first bad surprise, because you cannot receive each reward you earn in your external wallet, you need to reach the minimum amount to be entitled to request the withdrawal.

  3. When you request the withdrawal, then the second bad surprise appears, you need to fulfill a certain number of ad views to be able to withdraw your rewards, this number can vary, 50, 100, 500 ads, usually you can reach this number in a few days.

  4. So you put in the effort and finally reached this number of required ads, yes, because you were persevering, you want to withdraw the rewards you have already achieved, and guess what? Here comes the third bad surprise, you need to refer some people to the faucet, maybe 10, 15, 20 people, sometimes more, and not only that, in addition to these people registering, they will also need to reach some level for you to be able to withdraw your rewards, to have 10 people in these conditions, you often had to indicate 40 people, of these 40 only 20 registered, of these 20 will be 10 maybe that will reach the necessary level and so the long and sad story goes on.
  Every time you reach a requirement, another one appears, and more difficult to fulfill, maybe it has a finite number of requirements and in the end you can withdraw your rewards, but until then many people have already given up and honestly, this system is not fair, is it? If you have earned the reward, however small, it is yours, you have the right to withdraw it to your external wallet.

  Prefer faucets that pay each reward directly into your external wallet, an excellent option is the FaucetPay, it already works with thousands of sites and accepts several cryptocurrencies. Don't have a FaucetPay account yet? Register through this link, it's free.